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Only 3 days left until 27th Annual Beyond Shelter Gala at the House of Blues Boston


The 27th Annual Beyond Shelter Gala is on Thursday, April 10, from 7 to 10 p.m. 

The event is sponsored by The House of Blues Boston, 92.5 The River, The Improper Bostonian and Eastern Bank.

To purchase tickets for the event visit: or call 617-942-8671 and 617-942-8683. Follow the organization on Twitter @beyond_shelter

Tickets are $125 a piece and will greatly benefit the organization.

Musical acts include: Los 4 and The Berklee Bob Marley Ensembleimage

Last year, the event helped raise more than $20,000 and the event organizers are hoping for a more successful event this year. Please consider making a donation to benefit The Friends of Boston’s Homeless

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Happiness … is the experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.
Denis Waitley via Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation (via enjoyingthebrightside)
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People need to be encouraged. People need to be reminded of how wonderful they are. People need to be believed in—told that they are brave and smart and capable of accomplishing all the dreams they dream and more. Remind each other of this.
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Young Climber raises money for No Barriers

Jace Evans recently climbed her first 14,000-foot mountain with her dad Jeff. Through the climb she raised more than $2,000 for No Barriers

Evans was excited to do the hike with her dad and thought she wasn’t going to be able to make it.

It was really hard. I thought I might not make it when I was about an hour from the top but I saw a man from our group with no arms climbing down from the top and it gave me strength,” Evans said.

The organization helps provide transformative experiences that empower people to embrace a “no barriers” mindset and discover the potential that lies within themselves and the world.

Evans really enjoyed climbing a mountain to help the organization raise money to “help other people do fun stuff outside.”


Next Level Basketball Scholarship Fund helps underprivileged kids

A fundraiser at Next Level Basketball is designed to give underprivileged kids an opportunity to enroll in their basketball camp.

The camp was created to teach kids to become skilled winners on the basketball court, but most importantly to become winners in life.  Sponsorship of $150.00 will give a youngster between the ages of 10-17 a full scholarship and a opportunity to attend one of our basketball camps. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to place their business contact information on camp tee-shirts or on the Web site.

The candidate must write a one-page paper excluding why they should be considered as a canidate for the scholoarship excluding mentioning basketball ball skills or talents. The first camp of 2013 will be hosted June 17-21 and the second will be hosted August 5-9 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Some of the ideologies that the camp shares with the campers are self improvement, taking responsibility for self and actions, the proper well being of our bodies through physical exercise and proper diets, leadership, and avoiding peer pressure.

The unique edge that Next Level Basketball has is that NBA and college basketball players attend the camp daily to give campers solid advice to become productive citizens. The goal is to sponsor 30 kids this summer that have financial hardships, they may be a product of a unstable home, or they are residing in poverty stricken areas such as Detroit, Flint, Pontiac etc. 

This year they will be working with Crossroads for Youth, a non-profit organization located in Oxford, Michigan. This organization is an open campus treatment facility that work with kids from ages 11-18 from all sorts of backgrounds, primarily kids that come from very unstable home environments and are currently learning basic social skills through the crossroads program. 

To make a donation, visit:

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Cook looking to return to the United States with your help


David Ocean Babin is originally from the U.S., but has lived in Europe since 2001, more precisely Hungary. He taught English at a secondary school (high school). Life in Hungary was hard, but he survived. Unfortunately, the government has changed and made it harder for him to stay on as a teacher. Being a teacher was never his real dream, it just happened.

His goal at the moment is to raise the money to return to the U.S. He does not have a plane ticket to the U.S. and needs enough money to move his things back to the U.S.

HIs dream is to become a chef or pastry chef. He loves cooking for people who love food. He like it when people taste my cooking and appreciate it. He has found a school there that has inspired his to return home. Escoffier is located in Boulder, Colorado and has accepted me. He has two problems: first being traveling home and the second is the tuition. 

The pastry program is where he hopes to begin and it takes 27 weeks, after he would like to study the culinary aspect of it for 47 weeks. The program is exciting and will teach him also how to run a business, which he hopes to have one day. He wants to have a cafe or something, but he also want to find ways to use cooking to help others.

To support his fundraiser, visit:

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Tanglewood 24-hour Relay Race to support BSO

Matthew Small is on a team that will be participating in the Tanglewood Relay Run, a 24-hour race that starts at Symphony Hall in Boston, MA and ends at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA on June 28 at noon.

Runners on teams take turns running the relay over the 24-hour period. Teams are made up of a minimum of 10 runners to a maximum of 14 runner, with each runner running up to three legs of the race. 

The purpose of the relay is to announce the beginning of the Tanglewood season and to raise money to support education and youth activities held and organized by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

To make a donation to this cause, visit:

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